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Save More, Stress Less: How to Build a Budget You’ll Love!

Are you tired of stressing out about money?  Have you always wanted to stick to a budget, but it kind of fell to the wayside?

Before I started keeping a written budget, I was always stressed out about money, too.  I would spend based on the theoretical idea that I should have enough money for it (I’m a doctor after all!).  All the while, in the back of my head, I would be worried we didn’t have enough.  I’d check my bank account multiple times a month to make sure I had enough.  It was not fun.

Here’s what my thought process looks like now.  For example, I realized I needed to buy the kids some clothes.  No problem, I know I have $200 budgeted for kids stuff this month.  As long as I stick to that, we’ll be just fine.  Great!  I can buy those clothes without worry or guilt. 

Before we started keeping a budget, we would somehow spend all the money we made.  Money management seemed like a far off goal only other people could achieve.  After we started keeping a budget, we took our savings from 5% to 50% and beyond.  Budgeting was a big part of how we paid off $200k of student loans in a year and a half.  

I think tracking spending and budgeting is SO KEY in changing money habits.  

So, I decided to put together a very focused course–  How to start a spreadsheet budget that you’ll love and STICK TO.  

The course provides 7 quick videos to give you clear step-by step instructions.  It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to go through them.  It also includes a great spreadsheet template my husband made.  

Then, you get access to a private Facebook group only for members of the course where there are “Units” for you to complete.  These units will help you get your budget going and check in with you along the process for the first 3 months.  Here, students can interact with me and other students to help them get over any roadblocks they encounter.

In short, this course has everything to get you going on a budget- the spreadsheet, the instructions, and the support in the following weeks to get you off the ground. 

What People are Saying

“This is a great course! I was always so overwhelmed with budgeting and Disha breaks it down and makes it so easy and do-able. Her course is awesome, practical and easy to institute right away. My stress levels have decreased so much with the guidance of her course.”  – Arti W.  
“The layout is aesthetically pleasing and you make such an important but at times difficult task make sense.”  – Jacque B.  
“Great course! Excited to start my budget.”  – Nadia J.  
“I am in love with this spreadsheet!  You make it so easy to just follow along.”  – Melissa F.    

For a Limited Time

I believe in this course.  I think it is so needed RIGHT NOW.  That’s why I made myself get it together in the midst of this pandemic.

But, I am working the front lines of COVID right now and am a LITTLE busy, so I’m going to have to limit how many students I take on.  The 50% off Founding Members discount ends May 31st and the course closes June 30th.   The Facebook group and the course will be available to students for 3 months.  

COVID Discount

So what are you waiting for? Get in now.

Stay Frugal, Y’all!


Standard Disclaimer:  Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.             


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