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Reviving a Cashmere Sweater with Comb

This post contains affiliate links.    

I’m not going to lie, this COVID-19 Pandemic has changed my thinking a bit.  As a hospitalist and a primary care physician, I’ve been working on the very front lines of this pandemic for a year and a half now.  

Going to work has been scary.  I have been acutely aware of how quickly the life I know could be turned upside down or ended from this nasty virus. 

So, I decided life is too short to wear itchy sweaters.  If I’m going to die, by george, it will not be in an itchy sweater!

I hate itchy sweaters.  

It has always been by pet peeve.  I have decided it’s going to be cashmere or no sweaters for me.  

But wait, you’re The Frugal Physician, you say.  

Excuse me, I’m the frugal and fabulous physician, thank you.

Lol.  I’m being facetious of course, but really, frugal and cashmere can be used in the same sentence.  

For example, “Check out this fabulous cashmere sweater I bought for 95% off at $18.50 (Retail: $375) and revived using this frugal tool.”

What the What? You say. Did you get it from Salvation Army?  Nope, I got it from the retailer.  Check it out.

sweater comb

Luxury at a discount with Vince Unfold

So, you remember how I was ultra frugal and paid off all my student loans?  Well after that, Josh and I loosened the belt a bit and gave each other a “fun fund” of $350/month to spend as we liked.

I use my fun fund to buy a subscription to Vince Unfold,  Vince’s rental service. 

Vince clothes are the ultimate luxury in my eyes.  The clothes are so well tailored and made with the best  fabrics like cashmere, silk, and acetate.

The clothes are usually priced at sky high, unreachable levels for most primary care doctors.  We’re talking $300-500 per item.  

The Vince Unfold subscription makes their luxury more accessible.  With it, I get 4 ultra luxury items per box with unlimited exchanges, regular price $160/month, $60 off/mo for for first 2 months.

And, as a bonus, they often deeply discount some of the items when they are at home so you can just keep them.  That’s how I got this $375 100% cashmere sweater for 95% off. 

If you want to try Vince Unfold, use my referral link to get $30 off your first month, and I’ll get $30, too.  

Reviving Cashmere

When I got it, the sweater felt amazing but the outside was a little ratty. It was covered with these little pills (balls of sweater bits due to abrasion).

sweater comb  

Not to worry, a cashmere comb comes to the rescue.  In ultimately satisfying fashion, it takes the piles right off and makes the sweater uber-luxurious again.  

sweater comb

The comb is pretty affordable at Amazon.  All you do is lay the sweater flat, hold the comb perpendicular to the sweater, and comb the sweater in short flicks.  It takes the pills right off and makes the sweater luxuriously fuzzy again.  

sweater comb

Bam, the sweater is back to it’s original glory.  And it cost me 95% less than if I had bought it full price!  So fun!

sweater comb

That’s all for today folks,

Stay frugal and happy fall!


Standard Disclaimer:  Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.  This post contains affiliate links.            


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