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Hi! I'm Dr. Disha Spath

Let me tell you why I think you're here. 

The Frugal Physician isn't just a platform; it's your compass on the journey to designing your ideal life by empowering you to build financial freedom into your life through value based spending and wise investing. 

As a physician, you're no stranger to the unique financial challenges that healthcare professionals face. From managing mountainous student loan balances to  navigating complex insurance landscapes, and from securing a comfortable retirement to effectively balancing a life well lived while working a very demanding and often hazardous job,  the road to financial stability can seem daunting. But that's where The Frugal Physician steps in.


The goal
The aim is to give you actionable information and effective strategies for managing your finances so that you can live your ideal life and take back ownership of your time to spend on what you truly value.  Through informative articles (READ), dynamic discussions (LISTEN), and, interactive guides (GRAB), we'll explore a range of topics from budgeting and investing to debt management and long-term financial planning.

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