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Lovesac Review

This post is not sponsored by LoveSac and does not contain any affiliate links.

As you guys know, Josh and I just bought a house recently.  After 3 years of downsizing and living like residents to pay off debt, we upsized again into an attending house.  

We were in the market for a new couch for the new place.  Luckily, Lovesac was having it’s 40% off for healthcare worker promotion right at that time.  So, we went all in.

Lovesac couches are very pricey.  But for me, it represented a good value because I have two toddlers and 2 large dogs- flexibility, durability, and washability are key! 

So, after much hemming and hawing, we decided to take the leap and buy the couch.  Here are some pros and cons about our purchase.


Ultimate Flexibility

Lovesac makes modular couches.  The whole thing is delivered in pieces in a million boxes.  Each side, bottom, and cushion is a separate piece with it’s own cover.  The pieces can be combined in different ways to create all kinds of layouts.  It’s really quite genius.  It’s perfect for someone like me who gets bored easily and wants to change things up frequently.

lovesac in boxes

ALLLL the boxes.


My favorite thing about the couch is that the covers are washable.  One of my rambunctious sons decided to go all out Picasso on the couch recently with a ball point pen.  With any other couch, this would have been a total disaster.  But with this one, I sprayed the cover with some oxyclean and threw it in the wash.  Thankfully, all the pen markings came out and it’s like new again!  Phew!

Even without pen disasters, I tend to wash the covers every month or so because I love my couch smelling like fresh laundry and feeling so super clean.  

lovesac with pen

My little Picasso's work of art


The couch is super comfy.  I splurged on the lovesoft filling and I’m very happy with that decision.  The cloth covers have a high end feel and excellent durability. 


I love the cup holder and table accessories.  I also bought a footsac owl phur blanket, which is seriously the most comfy blanket I’ve ever had.

Lifetime Guarantee

It’s nice to know the solid pieces are guaranteed for life.   


Customer service

I almost hate to ding Lovesac for their customer service because I did buy during the height of COVID and everything was crazy then.  I’m sure things were disorganized because people were still getting used to working from home.  

But, my order got messed up multiple times and I really had a terrible time getting the couch right.  I spent multiple days on the phone with multiple people and it seemed no one knew what the other person did.  

It did get a lot better once the online chat option was open again.  And, they did make it up to me by giving me the covers to my couch for free. 

The Price

Of course, this is a premium product and they charge a premium price. I got the sactional with 8 seats, 10 sides, lovesoft filling, 2 storage seats ($7212.18), seashell polylinen covers ($3,500), power hub ($200), 2 cupholders ($100), a table ($150), and the footsac ($175).

The whole thing would have cost $12,687 at retail and there is no way I would have been willing to spend that. But, in the end with the discount and the comped covers, it cost me $5,360.70. If this couch does indeed turn out to be the last couch I’ll ever buy, it will be well worth the money. To me, frugal is not buying the thing that with the lowest price, it is buying the best VALUE with the best price.

Anyway, I’m happy to re-iterate that this post is not at all sponsored by LoveSac. I just thought it would be a nice thing to share.

Till next week!

As always,

Stay Frugal, y’all!


Standard Disclaimer: Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.            

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sopie baker
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