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We’re Free of Student Loans!!

I got a student loan refinancing offer in the mail yesterday and it made me smile.  

I smiled because it finally dawned on me, I don’t have any student loans anymore!!  I just can’t believe it.  My husband and I decided to frugal down and knock my my students loans out just SEVENTEEN MONTHS ago.  At that time, my student loans amounted to $208,918.53.   

We thought, if we were good, we could knock them out in 3 years.  We ended up doing it in less than a year and a half!

We celebrated by counting our last macaroni’s (and dumping out the ones representing projected interest paid) with the kids, noisemakers, and confetti.  

It was AWESOME celebrating with the kids.  We had a little dance party afterwards.  

To pay it forward and thank the universe for all that we have been blessed with, I decided to put together a free E-book delineating the 10 steps that helped us make such fast progress.  

The book is going to go out to all my email subscribers today.  If you’re not one of the lucky Morehouse students that had your student loans paid, don’t worry, we can still get you out of debt.  Sign up for my mailing list at the top of the page to the right to get your free copy.   Your subscribing also helps me get the word out and a higher number of subscribers helps me secure funding to keep this site running.  

Since I’m still doing all the work for this site myself, that’s all I had time for this week.  

So, I’m going to highlight some other stuff I’ve been up to recently.  

I love how this podcast turned out on Doctor Money Matters.  Dr. Taran Pate is an excellent host and asked some really poignant questions.  His editor did a great job editing my awkward out!

Dr. Carly Snyder graciously had me on her live radio show, MD for Moms to talk about Maternity Leave Finance and a lot more!  

I did a really fun and lighthearted interview with Ryan Inman, CFP on The Financial Residency Podcast about the difference between frugal vs cheap. I think I’m a lot funnier in written word than live (most of my family could tell you that I’m sure). But, it was an honor to be on Ryan’s show!

I’d like to point out this post is right on time for WCI’s Financial Boot Camp, Chapter 4: Student Loan Plan.  I’m going to take your leave on the WCI book and let you enjoy it at your own pace now.  We have a lot more work to do to get docs out of debt! 

Till next time!

Stay Frugal,



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