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The Frugal Physician Features: October 2019

Hello TFP tribe!

Here at The Frugal Physician, I’m focused on helping early career physicians and other high income professionals annihilate their student loan debt by being frugal and fabulous.  This week, I’d like to feature some of my favorite articles from the physician blogosphere that might be helpful to  you.  

The Frugal Physician Features...

Dr. Cory Fawcett is one of my go-to’s for sound financial and life advice.  He does not disappoint here. He breaks down the critical things to do as a new attending: Establish a budget, rent, max out your retirement, pay down loans aggressively, update your insurance, join only one committee, start an exercise routine, and become a “AAA” doctor.  What’s a “AAA” doctor?  Read more here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. McFrugal at FinCon this year and as our names imply, we were definitely kindred spirits (any Anne of Green Gables fans here?).  Here, he provides an excellent breakdown of how he was able to buy 5 business class tickets (a $42,000) value for $1,980 in cash (and several thousand reward points).  Check out how he did it.

Dr. Vi Dinh of Physician Zen is an organizational mastermind.  In this article and associated YouTube video, he breaks down the secret sauce of productivity: Batching.  He divides tasks into Essential and Non Essential Shallow tasks, and  Most Important Tasks.  He shows us how to get it all done efficiently and happily.  Read more here.

Barbara is an interventional radiologist who writes about issues pertaining to young women physicians in male dominated fields.  I really like Barb’s writing style.  In this article, she teaches us to appreciate our uniqueness and apply it to stand out in all the different stages of our training and practice.  

Jimmy at the Physician Philosopher is a refreshing, genuine, and personable voice in the physician financial sphere.   In this article, he teaches us how to avoid buyer’s remorse and increase our happiness by spending money on things that actually matter to us.  

Are you looking for motivation to do some fall cleanup?  Eliza from Minimal MD will help you make the next move.  She downsized from a 4700 sq foot living space to a 1350 sq foot living space.  She will convince you to get minimal, too.

Leif from The Physician on FIRE is consistently putting out great content.  This article on travel insurance benefits highlights travel insurance benefits and credit card perks you didn’t know you had.  Very useful information!

As of 10/13/2019, you have less than 24 hours to get into Bonnie’s course.  Bonnie Koo has been a leading voice in women physician finance and she has put together this amazing course.  If you’re a woman physician and are looking for a place to get started learning about finance, this will be a good resource.  CME available.   Sign up here.  Course closes on 10/14/2019.

I hope you enjoy!  See you all next week!

Stay Frugal,


Standard Disclaimer: Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.  This post contains affiliate links.            


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