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No-Spend February Challenge!

It is 2020 and I am ready for a cleanse from consumerism.  So, I have resolved to do a No-Spend Month February for clothing and Amazon purchases.  

First, you may ask…

It may be better to start off with what a No-Spend Month is NOT.  It is NOT limiting all spending. 

We all have bills and other essential expenditures, such as rent/mortgage, electricity bills, etc… the basic essential expenditures of living.  We must spend on these things, so fixed expenses are not affected.  The only spending on the chopping block is discretionary spending.

A No-Spend month is an exercise in appreciating what we already have and unplugging from the constant desire to BUY, BUY, BUY.  

For me, clothing and Amazon represent some of the major ways I get caught up in the marketing mayhem.  These are the categories where I make unnecessary, impulse purchases.  I sometimes spend without having a real need for what I’m buying.

Recently, I subscribed to Rent The Runway Update to receive 4 items of clothing a month.  I thought I didn’t have enough professional clothes and had a “fun fund” to burn.

But, in reality, I have so MANY clothes I have a hard time keeping up with them.  

Confession: I have about 3 baskets of clean clothes right now that need to be folded and put away, but it’s easier to just go laundry diving in the morning so that’s what I have been doing.  Since things are not easily accessible, I begin to think that I don’t have enough clothes and that I need to buy more. But, when I really look around, I have plenty- I just need to find them!  

Most recently, I’ve been feeling that I need to buy more work pants because the hems on most of them have come out.  But, I do have a sewing machine, I know how to sew, and my pants have more life in them. I just need to take out the sewing machine and get these things hemmed!

So in February, I want to focus on putting all my unfolded clothes away, to start.  I want to inventory what I do have and what I don’t need. I plan on giving away some things I don’t wear anymore.  I’m so ready for a Marie-Kondo-ing of my closet! Buying more clothes is not the answer.

It helps that February is the shortest month of the year.  It’s a good place to start for my resolve! Some say, it takes 21 days to make a habit.  This February has 29 days (leap year!)… more than enough to hopefully build a good habit of putting my clothes away and having an organized closet (hey, a girl can dream.) 

So, anyway, getting back to No-Spend Months- a No-Spend month is where we focus on discretionary spending and select one or more categories of spending that may not be serving us. 

AHH so nice. But, seriously, who has this much space in their closet?

Eating out at Restaurants- Cooking at home is better for our bodies and our wallets anyway.

Spending on going to work- Challenge yourself to take lunch and snacks every day.  Find free coffee, or keep your own french press in the office.

Entertainment- there are so many free options for entertainment, if we really try to look.

All of the above- You could go straight up front-row-of-the-lecture-hall Gunner and go for all discretionary spending.  You do you.

So who’s in?  Is there a spending habit that is not serving you well?  This is your chance to target that, simplify  your spending, and take a fresh breath of minimalism.  I can’t wait!

To join, sign up by clicking here.  I will send out periodic emails to keep you motivated.  I will share my successes and challenges.  You can send me your successes and challenges, and I will share them with the group.  We can keep each other accountable.  Let’s do this!

Stay frugal, ya’ll!


Standard Disclaimer:  Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.              


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