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Frugal Hack: Halloween Costume

Looking for a warm, easy, frugal Halloween costume that will get you the most bang for your buck?  

Look no further.

Tis the season of ghouls, ghosts, and transient costumes that will get worn once and never again see the light of day.  You know what I’m talking about.  We have all  bought those flimsy costumes for $50.  Then, we have frozen while wearing them on Halloween because they’re made of neoprene or whatnot.  Once used, these costumes get stuffed them in a forgotten corner of our closets, never to emerge again.

Well there are several ways to get around this.  We can sew or concoct an outfit from what we already have.  But let’s be real, not many have the time or the talents to do that.  We can borrow or trade costumes with others.  This works if your heart is not set on a particular costume and know people that are a similar size to you and your family.  Or we can buy something that is reusable and will provide value over the long term. 

Easy, Warm, & Reusable Halloween Costumes

In come the onsies!  

I bought an animal onsie for each member of our family last year and they have gotten so much use!  The were so cozy and warm during trick or treating.  After Halloween, we ended up lounging in them all winter long.  They are such an easy pajama and are super cute, too.  My kids especially loved played pretend and occasionally pulling Mommy around by the tail.

Josh looks less than thrilled here but the onesie has grown on him. Especially since I got him a Star Wars one!

A Frugal Halloween Costume

I actually got turned on to the onsie by The Mad Fientist who did a show on how adult onesies have saved him so much money.  They use the onesies to turn the heat on less in the winter.  TBH, we haven’t come close to turning the heat down because I’m so cold natured and we live in Upstate New York, but I have appreciated the coziness! 

This year, my kids want to be the Incredibles.  I’ve been looking for reasons to buy more onesies for this winter, so we’re going with Incredibles onsies!  I’ll report back on how that turns out.  Until then, check out my little in this penguin onsie from last year… heart melt!

So, if you don’t have a plan for Halloween yet, try looking for a onesie (also called a union suit) on Amazon this year.

Stay frugal and warm!


Standard Disclaimer: Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.  This post contains affiliate links.            


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