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Book Review: Spending Habits for Professionals Who Want to FIRE

I have been meaning to do this book review for over half a year now!  I’m so glad to finally bring you BC Krygowski’s book, Spending Habits for Professionals who want to FIRE.

Dr. Krygowski’s life is an interesting parallel to mine- She’s a hospice and palliative care physician who grew up in upstate New York, in the same area that I live in now.  She moved down to Florida with her husband and family.  In that move, they downsized and got more frugal in an effort to achieve early financial independence. 

And BC family did achieve financial independence early- she was financially independent at the age of 42.  Now, she writes about frugality on her blog, works a little, and travels the world with her two boys.  I would love to follow in her footsteps one day and consider her a role model.

Spending Habits for Professionals Who Want to FIRE

BC published this book last year, to help professionals who want to FIRE find ways to cut back their spending.  (By the way, FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early). 

The writing style is unique and engaging- it’s written in a way that makes you feel you just sat down with a friend for coffee and asked her to brain dump her frugality knowledge- and she lets you in on all her pro tips.  

The layout

The book is broken down into spending categories like groceries, eating out, household costs, online shopping, etc.  A lot of the book is devoted to saving money on food costs- a worthy subject!  BC goes through how to save money grocery shopping, the benefits of Aldi, saving time by using an instant pot, all of our favorites here.  She also goes into meal-planning and having parties by doing potlucks.  

Home Exchange

BC is a big proponent of home exchanges for travelling.  I really need to think about doing this more, once international travel is an option again.  BC talks about how her family has done multiple long trips using this method. 

Aside from the “the Holiday,” I don’t know many other people utilizing home exchange but it seems like a great idea.  Why not just trade places with another family for a week or two?  

Who Should Read This Book?

I would highly recommend this book to any busy professional looking for some ideas on how to get frugal.  Not everything is going to appeal or apply to you, but you may walk away with some inspiration or ideas that would make a huge difference in your life and budget. 

How Long Does It Take to Read This Book?

This book is a really nice and quick read- it could be read in a day or two if someone was committed.

Speaking of FIRE, I realize I haven’t updated you all on my family’s journey in a while.  In the interest of some modicum of privacy, I’m going to send out a net worth update to my subscribers over email sometime soon.  Make sure to subscribe so you can get the update!

‘Till next week!

Stay Frugal, y’all!


Standard Disclaimer: Not meant as individualized financial or medical advice.  This post contains affiliate links.            


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