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My favorite thing about being a part of the physician finance community is having the chance to collaborate with amazing, driven individuals.  Today, I’d like to highlight recent collaborations, in case you missed them.  

Here is my interview on Miss Bonnie MD, the leading expert on female physician finance.  She has been around for a while and is an expert on many things finance.  She asked some great questions about how I manage my money.  Don’t miss it!

I had a great time talking to Dr. Bradley Block on The Physician’s Guide to Doctoring.  Dr. Block’s podcast is a practical guide for physicians looking to improve all aspects of their lives. 

“In residency, we have to live with less. Less money. Less time. Less dignity. And after finishing, we are rewarded for our herculean efforts with higher inc ome. Sometimes the time and dignity come back, too. In today’s episode of Physician’s Guide to DoctoringThe Frugal Physician and I discuss the pitfalls that can come with that increased income and how falling into the materialistic abyss brings with it more financial stress and often less happiness. We discuss her journey to frugality and lessons learned along the way.” – Dr. Bradley Block

Last but not least, I had the honor of being on The Hippocratic Hustle with Dr. Carrie Reynolds.

The Frugal Physician…her advice on budgeting, saving money and getting on a journey to financial freedom is incredibly helpful and insightful. Listen in as she shares her secrets to paying off debt quickly and gives us so many great money saving tips as well! – Dr. Carrie Reynolds

Check out these great content creators that are doing amazing things to keep the physician community healthy and thriving!



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